Taxonomic Swap 64516 (Δημιουργήθηκε στις 31-10-2019)

The type is accepted as a species of Cordyceps, so the two genera are synonyms.

A phylogenetically-based nomenclature... (Αναφορά)
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I don't think this was a legitimate taxon change. Though Isaria is suppressed per 1F1N, it is polyphyletic and does not fall neatly within genus Cordyceps s.s. Many other genera exhibit Isarioid asexual morphs, and many Isaria spp. remain incertae sedis and await a proper comb. nov. Lot's of things ID'd as Isaria will likely be, e.g. Samsoniella, rather than Cordyeps.

See e.g.:

Is there any way to make Isaria ID's go to family Cordycipitaceae rather than genus Cordyceps?

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It is too late to reverse this swap and do a split instead, but that would only have affected already identified observations. I think having Isaria as a synonym of Cordyceps has to be right, since the type species determines application of the name, and it has been shown to belong in Cordyceps. Unfortunately, iNat doesn't really have a good way of dealing with misapplications, so this will cause problems. One possible idea to head off some misidentifications is to put as an English common name for Cordycipitaceae "Isaria sensu lato." It probably won't solve everything, but it might help.

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