Event organization

Do you enjoy observing the nature around you? Would you like to contribute to science during your excursions? We invite you to join us for this event!

What is a bioblitz?

A bioblitz is an inventory of the biodiversity in a given place and during a given period of time, carried out by a group of volunteers. During a bioblitz, species are identified and listed.


This bioblitz is for everyone, beginners as well as experienced mycologists. Just ...

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As of yet, listed by order, insect families (or superfamilies) with collection projects for Onondaga County include:

Order Coleoptera (Beetles)

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Новый проект по грибам

Создали проект по грибам новгородчины https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/tihaya-ohota-v-novgorodskoy-oblasti с целью отделить "нормальные" грибы от всяких трутовиков, лишайников и прочих странных форм грибного царства.

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Observations Not Photographed


-Black Capped Chickadee
-Brush Rabbit
-Columbian Black-Tailed Deer Doe
-Northern Flicker
-Cedar Waxwing
-Spotted Towhee

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9/24/22 (Written 9/27/22)

My initial goals were ambitious. 30 minutes, three times each work week. 1 hour each weekend. Spend this time being mindful, observing, documenting, and investigating nature. I spent about five hours that Thursday (9/22) with my undergraduates, observing an environmental education program put on by Shaver's Creek for 3rd graders. Initially, I didn't think this time would count toward being in nature and observing, because I wasn't identifying species as I had originally listed as a goal....

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1000 espèces

Le 28 septembre 2022, le projet Biodiversité de la baie des citrons a enregistré sa 1 000ème espèce. C'est environ 1/6 des espèces enregistrées en Nouvelle-Calédonie. En effet, il y a presque 6 000 espèces enregistrées sur toute la Calédonie. Bravo et merci à toutes celles et tous ceux qui ont contribué par leurs observations ou leurs identifications.

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Toledo Zoo Project Prairie update- 27 September 2022

In the first week of the BIOBLITZ 641 observations of 208 species by 84 observers have been logged. Top school so far is Wintergarden Park with 300 observations. But there is still 9 days left for observations to be uploaded to the project.

Thank you to all the teachers and volunteers for taking the time to encourage the students to participate and explore their own backyard. You are truly inspiring the next generation of environmentalist.
Keep up the good work!

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Captive Singing Cicadas

Certain cicada species will sing in captivity if the right conditions are met. If you ever want to here a cicada call up close, then this is a good way to do so. Here are a list of species that I’ve seen, and heard, singing in captivity:
-M. Pronotalis
-M. Figuratus
-N. Lyricen
-N. Pruinosus
-N. Superbus
-N. Tibicen
-N. Davisi
-N. Auriferus
-D. Vitripennis

M. Resh could possibly sing in captivity, but it would most likely need to go stimulat...

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Nature Walk 9/27

Today at 3:30 pm I went on a nature walk to Houghton's Garden in Newton. It was a beautiful sunny day and was 72 degrees outside. I enjoyed my nature walk because I got to slow down after a long day of studying. It was fun to try to capture the fast animals on my camera, like birds or chipmunks. However, a lot of the time, the pictures turned out blurry or you could barely see the animal. When I stopped to look at a stream, a frog jumped into the water and scared me (I am super afraid of...

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A common snail that lives in the freshwater areas of Korea has been identified as Acusta redfieldi.

A common snail that lives in the freshwater areas of Korea has been identified as Acusta redfieldi. Based on the paper published by Hwang of Taiwan in 2020, the results were obtained as a result of drawing a phylogenetic tree by analyzing the COI genes of snails collected by Jae-Hoon Kim and Su-Min Seong in Korea in 2022.

Chosenelix problematica was found to be inhabited in Gangwon-do, and it is thought to be the same species as the yellow-colored individuals of the West Sea. Als...

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“Small is beautiful” - Observation of the Week, 9/27/22

Our Observation of the Day is this Asterella drummondii liverwort, seen in Australia by @knicolson!

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52 000 наблюдений!

27 сентября взята цифра 52 000 наблюдений! 12 дней мы потратили на загрузку 1000 новых наблюдений. Зафиксируем базовые показатели: 52000 наблюдений 1331 видов. Не менее одного наблюдения сделали 570 человек, а в их идентификации поучаствовали 876 эксперт. Двигаемся дальше!

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more t-shirts!

If you missed this year's shirt sale, you can now get it here - https://my-store-c0e6aa.creator-spring.com/listing/gall-week-2022-t-shirt
I got mine today - thanks, @tepary for the great design!

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Две тысячи видов ещё у одного участника проекта!

Поздравляем @yuriysokolov 73 с 2000 видов с территории Курской области! Желаем новых находок!

@dni_catipo @rovzap @yuriysokolov73 @ikskyrskobl

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336-Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht Lezing De grutto, koning der weidevogels

  • De grutto wordt niet voor niets de koning der weidevogels genoemd. De vogel is uniek door zijn prachtige verschijning en opvallende levenswijze.

    In deze lezing van Astrid Kant op 22 februari 2022 komt de grutto in al zijn facetten aan bod; de trek, de broedgedrag, de kuikens en natuurlijk de bescherming. Astrid Kant...

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    A new feature of adaptive colouration in ungulates: the tibial flag

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    (For Personal Use) My herpetological lifers!

    Obviously only includes encounters that I remember and have uploaded. I have no way of remembering my first-ever garter or milk snake, for example, much less my first green frog.

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    Per la Milano Green Week, presso la Cascina Nascosta è stata organizzata una manifestazione dal titolo ORCHIDAYS, sabato 1 e domenica 2 ottobre. La bellezza della biodiversità, un'incredibile varietà di esseri viventi da scoprire e proteggere, partendo dalle orchidee e il loro delicato habitat.
    L'evento si apre sabato alle 10.00 con la mostra mercato e a seguire la presentazione del progetto LIFEORCHIDS alle ore 10.15.
    Sempre sabato lle ore 18.30 si svolgerà la premiazione del c...

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    Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Tuesday September 27

    I took my walk late in the morning, starting in Pine Tree Preserve on campus, and then taking a lap around the reservoir, stopping along the way to investigate the wooded areas which can be found just off the path. This area appeared to have more species of plants than did Pine Tree Preserve and appeared to be less well-managed, for much of the growth here was weedy, and the beds of decaying leaves grew quite thick. For whatever reason, I only encountered plants, lichen, and fungi—maybe ...

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    Wetlands and Invasive Species

    Did you know that wetlands cover approximately 13% of the land area in Canada? Recently, wetlands have become an increasingly scarce resource in settled areas of the country, and there are many factors that threaten them. One of the main threats to wetlands are invasive species. Invasive plants and animals reduce habitat for the many species that inhibit wetlands, they outcompete native species for resources, bring new diseases to our native species and can even alter the chemical balanc...

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    Sunny Rock Mosses

    Probably most are in the family Grimmiaceae (rock mosses)

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    Bioblitz Day at Wintergarden Park

    Thanks to all of the Bowling Green State University, Washington Local and Bowling Green city schools for making the Wintergarden Park Bioblitz such a success. Thanks also to Jodi, Emilio, Lisa, Jenna and Susan for doing their part with GLOBE and other activities. We mostly dodged the rain until the very end when lightning forced us back to the nature center. Everyone was very engaged and added dozens of observations to iNaturalist. A viceroy butterfly seemed to be one of the more notable...

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    Nature Walk #1

    For this nature walk, I walked to the chestnut hill reservoir. It was a very cloudy and rainy day and was slightly drizzling the entire walk. I was surprised by the amount of vegetation along the reservoir. There were a lot of ferns and small flowers. I also was surprised to see a lot of fungi on the trees surrounding the reservoir. I did not think that I would be photographing fungi, I had assumed I would be observing many types of plants and trees. There were also more birds than I ex...

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    Monsoon Beauty 2022 - Update

    Dear Friends, Observers, Identifiers

    First, apologies for the delays in posting the final results of India's Nature - Monsoon Beauty 2022

    Our very small team of organizers and volunteers have run into some technical difficulties.

    In a few days we will be posting the final results and as much as feasible of an analysis of the observations and highlights.


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    Pine Tree Preserve Walk 9/27/2022

    I went to the Pine Tree Preserve on the Boston College campus that overlooks the chestnut hill reservoir. I went around 10 am and It was about 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and pretty muggy. It had just rained less than an hour before, so many of the plants were damp. It was on the brink of fall, so there were some leaves on the ground, and a lot of pine needles. There was a path to walk on that went around and up the hill with plenty of plants on either side. There was a variety of tall trees ...

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    Superfamily Membracoidea (leafhoppers & treehoppers)

    Species in superfamily Membracoidea observed in Onondaga County, so far, are primarily leafhoppers in family Cicadellidae (typical leafhoppers), with a few species of treehoppers in family Membracidae (typical treehoppers).

    Cicadellidae (typical leafhopper family) ~45 species

     Aphrodinae (subfamily of typical leafhoppers)

    • Aphrodes sp. (Leafhoppers) ~5 obs. (Exotic)

     Coelidiinae (subfamily of typical leafhopp...

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    Натуралистическая прогулка

    Всем, привет! В ВОСКРЕСЕНЬЕ 2 октября, в рамках международных дней наблюдений птиц, приглашаю натуралистов на прогулку по Горской пойме (г. Барнаул).
    Сбор в 10-00 на остановке "Барнаульский молочный комбинат" (Космонавтов - Горская). Автобусы 25, 32, 38. Трамвай 5.
    С собой необходимо взять воду, чай, еду для перекуса.
    Одеться по погоде с учётом осеннего распутья! Иметь с собой дождевик (на случай дождя).
    Прогулки осуществляются при поддержке Алтайского отделения Русского ...

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    Nuevo Proyecto creado!

    Buenos dias! a todos!

    Como no encontré ningún proyecto que abarcara la zona de Coclé en especial el valle de Antón, cree este proyecto para dar una especie de shortcut a la gente que quiera tener acceso rápido a un catalogo de la zona. Trate de limitar solo a el valle de anton pero solo puedo elegir que se limite al distrito de Antón.

    Good day everyone!

    Since there are not any catalogs for the cocle province or the valle de anton province. I have created this as ...

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    St. Thomas' 2022, Day 270

    57 degrees, 87% humidity, wind 1 mph NNE, cloudless morning. A cold front came through but no rain. It's cold in the shade.
    Overflight of three Kildeer, all calling as they flew NNW up the bayou. Northen Parula, house sparrow, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, blue jay, pileated woodpecker, Nothern mockingbird, Northern Cardinal, Mourning dove, black-bellied whistling ducks, downy woodpecker, Carolina wren, brown thrasher, pine warbler calling. Three jays fighting. Eight black-b...

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    Milestone reached

    What an amazing milestone. We have reached the total of 1000 (yes that's right one thousand) species recorded in our tiny little project area. Great stuff to all observers. Continue the sterling effort and encourage others to contribute as well.

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