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"Lentinus strigosus and L. lecomtei are
synonyms and share equal naming priority because both were
described by Fries (1825). Vargas-Isla et al. (2015) argued
that, within Panus, P. lecomtei (Fr.) Corner should be the correct
name for this taxon because the epithet strigosus was
already occupied within Panus by another species, viz., Panus
strigosus Berk. & M.A. Curtis. However, as pointed out by
Sanuma et al. (2016), the International Code of Nomenclature
for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (Turland et al. 2018) in Art. 11.5
states that when a choice exists between legitimate names of
equal priority, the first such choice to be effectively published
establishes the priority of the selected name. In the case where
L. strigosus was intentionally preferred over the synonym L.
lecomtei by Murrill (1915) and later by Pegler (1972), the
priority between these two names was set when they were still
classified under Lentinus. Consequently, the correct name for
this species is P. neostrigosus."

A comprehensive phylogeny of Panus (P... (Αναφορά)
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