Steve Maldonado Silvestrini

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I officially studied architecture/environmental design but somehow ended up working as a taxonomist/botanist. You can find me out in the field or at the UPR-RP Herbarium in Puerto Rico.

Currently, I work on several projects and organizations, but most of my time is now spent as a USDA-Forest Service -Caribbean Climate Hub - Plant Taxonomist.

Feel free to contact me regarding any Caribbean plant species, especially in the PR Bank.

I'm particularly interested in Arecaceae, Myrtaceae, Poaceae, Pteridophyta, Coccoloba spp. (particular emphasis on hybrids, C.tenuifolia, C.sintenisii, C.krugii, C.swartzii, and C.rugosa), naturally occurring hybrids and natural oddities/variations.

My profile image depicts me in my typical field-wear, collecting specimens of an alba variation of Jacquemontia solanifolia not reported in the literature or specimens before this.(

2022 iNaturalist Goals:

-Get to 100,000 observations identified, especially plants in the Caribbean (currently at 63,500~)
-Have 2500-3000 plant species in Puerto Rico documented (currently [2050 confirmed to species level, PR full species estimates range from 2912 to 3559]

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