Swarochi Tathagath

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I am a 16- year old naturalist, mainly interested in Odonata. Other than Odonata, I like Ants, Beetles, Moths and Butterflies, Heteroptera and many others.

My interest in nature grew more and more with iNat. I discovered iNat in this video. Ever since I've been observing and learning!

Young Naturalists' Community

@teratornis @naturalist_aditya and I made Young Naturalists' Community, a project to bring together all the young people under 21. you can join it if you are one of the Young Naturalists.

We also have Young Naturalists' Community Server on Discord which Only project members can join.

The YNC Whatsapp group is kept open for all,even those above 21, as many experts are in WhatsApp, and we can learn from them!

India's nature groups.

If you are from India, do consider joining these groups for ID help and to learn about the taxa.

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Odonata ID resources

Odonata of india
Fraser volume 1
Fraser volume 2
Fraser volume 3

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