Taxonomic Swap 130345 (Δημιουργήθηκε στις 24-06-2024)

Updating taxonomy based on new research and BoA classification.

Butterflies of America (Αναφορά)
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@edgar_crispino could you please do the same for M.jason, exstincta, simplex and argonautarum. I understand this is a lot of work but it makes no sense to just move two and leave the rest where they are. Thanks

Αναρτήθηκε από belgianbirding 27 ημέρες πριν

@belgianbirding done! Didn't knew about the situation regarding these species aswell (a user contacted me regarding Hoodus pelopidas) but all taxon changes are commited now.

Αναρτήθηκε από edgar_crispino 27 ημέρες πριν


Αναρτήθηκε από belgianbirding 27 ημέρες πριν

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