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The genus Prosopis has been broken up into several genera based on robust molecular and morphological evidence. The genera Prosopis, Anonychium, Xerocladia, Neltuma, Indopiptadenia, and Strombocarpa are all distinguishable by fruit and spine characters. Prosopis is now a purely African / Middle Eastern genus and new world species have been moved to Neltuma and Strombocarpa. See the full paper here:

Hughes, C. E., Ringelberg, J. J., Lewis, G. P., & Catalano, S. A. (2022).  Disintegration of the genus Prosopis L.(Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade). PhytoKeys, 205, 147.

See discussion here:

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Oh boy! Another taxon swap to learn!

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It looks like 3 varieties of N. glandulosa (eastern, western, and prostrate).

Per that paper, Neltuma are "Plants armed with axillary, uninodal, solitary or paired spines or spinescent" (p 161) and refer to Figure 2 (p 151) and Figure 3 (p 152).

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