Changing Seasons – Embracing the fall season with iNaturalist

As we bid farewell to summer, the remarkable transformation of fall unfolds before us. It's a time when the natural world changes its attire, donning vibrant hues of red, gold, and orange. But beyond the stunning spectacle of changing leaves, this season also offers an opportunity to witness animals preparing for the colder months. Here are some species you might encounter:


  1. Gray Squirrels: Watch as these nimble creatures gather and bury nuts, creating their winter food caches. Their frenzied activity is a sight to behold, and their bushy tails provide a telltale sign of their presence.
  2. Migrating Birds: Fall is the season of migration. Keep an eye out for flocks of Canada Geese and other waterfowl as they begin their journey south. You might also spot songbirds, like the American Robin, fueling up on berries for their long migration.
  3. Bees and Butterflies: Many native insects are still active in the fall, collecting nectar and pollen before hibernation. Look for bumblebees and Monarch butterflies as they seek sustenance among the late-blooming wildflowers.


  1. Sugar Maple: The undisputed star of fall foliage, the sugar maple's leaves transform from green to vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow. These trees create a stunning symphony of colors across Canadian forests.
  2. Balsam Poplar: This native tree turns its leaves into brilliant shades of yellow and gold, adding a warm glow to the landscape.
  3. Highbush Cranberry: As summer turns to fall, this shrub's leaves shift from deep green to rich shades of wine-red. Its clusters of red berries provide a feast for birds preparing for the colder months.

So, whether you're strolling through a local park, wandering along a forest path, or simply gazing out your window, take a moment to immerse yourself in fall. By documenting these moments, we contribute to a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between wildlife and their changing environment.

Wishing you a season filled with wonder and discovery!

Posted on Οκτώβριος 04, 2023 1146 ΠΜ by acaciaf_cwf acaciaf_cwf


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