What's the Bee doing???

In January 2021, I found myself watching bees pollinate flowers in my yard. Suddenly one of the bees started to flinch while pollinating a flower. I took a closer look at this odd bee, and it stopped moving altogether. It was there that upon inspecting the bee from just inches from my face when..."OH WHAT IN THE WORLD!", I jumped back. I noticed it-- the perpetrator. Upon research, I found it was an Ambush Bug-- a small insect that stabs prey (usually larger than itself) with a proboscis... and its name fitted the bug.

It's now impossible for me to touch a flower without thinking a bug is going to stab me with its proboscis.

Posted on Δεκέμβριος 21, 2022 0329 ΜΜ by gatorhawk gatorhawk


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