Speaking of Invasive Species…..

OK, so you've found an unusual plant. Let's say it might be a milkweed, one you've never seen before.
Do you pick a leaf to check out the latex?
Did you just damage that plant?And is this a rare species of milkweed?
Is your curiousity more important than the survival of that species, and all other interrelated species in its habitat?
Take a photo, and LEAVE THINGS ALONE

Posted on Απρίλιος 21, 2016 0232 ΜΜ by ellen5 ellen5


Φωτογραφίες / ήχοι




Απρίλιος 2016


Texas, US (Google, OSM)


Leaves are remarkably glossy, bright green and wavy-margined. Stems red, and ?branched at the base? Maybe?
Leaves appear mostly alternate, perhaps this is describable as "subopposite"?
I'm not familiar with this milkweed species, and judging by the number of leaves that have been picked off the plant, neither are any of the other hikers in this park
Most likely in this area: latifolia, oenotheroides


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