Actual language has been censored in consideration of tender, young minds who may stumble upon this post.
Walking the dog this morning, i saw two (2) !! curve-billed thrashers down the alley, sunning themselves. I hurried the dog along back home, and came back with my camera. Checked out the area, couldn't find my thrashers.
So let's see what birds are around here. Oo, starlings in the parking lot of that apartment complex, which is surrounded by a cyclone fence.
I'm standing in the city street, photographing my starlings.
Voice from balcony:
"Hey what are you taking pictures of on my property?"
"You should not be taking photographs of my bleeping property."
"I'm taking photographs of birds."
"Am i going to have to come down there?" (He actually said that.)
"Yes." (I am still enjoying that particular moment.)
"I don't want you taking photographs of my bleeping property." (What am i not supposed to see? Code violations? Your meth lab?)
"I'm taking photographs of bleeping birds." (entirely within my rights. )
I continued about my business. Oo, grackles. Oo, more starlings.
He never showed up. Disappointing, really. We could have gotten the police involved. That would have been fun.

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That's bleeping bold of you! Luckily, all my neighbors know I'm just a harmless bleeping birder so they don't react to me with my binos and camera.

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I guess i have always been kinda scrappy. And disinclined to be bullied.

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