Yann Gobeil

Έγινε μέλος στις: Φεβ 04, 2020 Τελευταία δραστηριότητα στις: Μάιος 29, 2024 iNaturalist Canada

Biologist, Nord-du-Québec.

I look at everything but am most interested by arthropods, especially wild pollinators and moths. Growing interest in cicadellids and epigeous spider taxa.

I'm trying to document and showcase the full range of the local (Eeyou Istchee-James Bay; EIBJ for short) boreal biota (terrestrial + freshwater). This area is vastly under-sampled and reference data, when it exists, is often very old. I'm still a lifetime or two away from documenting everything.

As of August 13th 2022, I have encountered 1,112 taxa within EIBJ.

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