Tejasvi AR

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A student obsessed with reptiles. I am interested in snakes and lizards from India and the surrounding countries. If I am wrong then please mention me in the comments. If you are not sure about the taxon ID for Lizards in India then pls mention me in the chat. I will try my best to help.

Good at identifying Genus Craspedocephalus, Echis, Bungarus, Lycodon, etc.
Am improving knowledge about Genus Coleognathus, Ahaetulla.

Good at identifying Genus Calotes, Sitana, Monitor Lizards, Flying Lizards, and Chameleons.
I don't study Geckos.

Herpetology :)
Currently doing research on Indian lizards. Mostly Changeable lizard.

If you are below 21 year then consider joining :-https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/young-naturalists-community

If there is a problem in ID-ying reptiles with anyone, I can help you out. :)

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