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The Lancashire Environment Record Network is the 'local environmental record centre' for the county of Lancashire in the UK. LERN is a member of the Association of Local Environmental Record Centres.

We store and provide access to details of Lancashire's rich environment: its biodiversity, geodiversity and landscape.

The information we hold is provided by our partner organisations and by hundreds of groups and voluntary wildlife recorders.

There are more than 3 million biological records on the LERN database and we have access to many more held by private individuals and groups.

We have information on the important and protected sites that have been identified for their significance in Lancashire.

The information we provide is used by many individuals and organizations to help ensure that the actions and decisions they make, take adequate account of the environment.

We support, promote and encourage the responsible collection of records relating to our environment.

With your help LERN can identify, understand and protect the environment of our beautiful, historic and diverse county.

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