kevin alves

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Kevin, born in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, I have loved animals ever since childhood, and always found immense joy in learning about them, today one of my dreams is to become a biologist, specialized in the cephalopod group, I also wish to have a pet octopus one day if i ever have the conditions to make it possible, another dream is to be able to have the experience of swimming and interacting with a colossal squid in person, I also one day wish to have some type of media where i will be able to share my opinions personal philosophy and help people learn about things in general but specially about things relating to nature, I plan on moving to japan permanently in the future and starting my family there, while I keep working for these dreams to become reality, I will occasionally post observations of any organism I find to be interesting enough.

currently I speak Portuguese, English, and some very broken Japanese, feel free to message me, I still have lots to learn but I am glad to help with whatever I can no matter how little it might be.

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