Julien Pometta

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Hey everyone! My name is Julien Pometta. I'm in my fourth year at UC Santa Cruz. I love all things natural history with a focus on macrofungi. Feel free to reach out with questions about mushroom ID's!
In Fall 2022, I finished the "UCSC Arboretum Mycoflora Project" which attempted to document as many mushrooms in the UCSC Arboretum as possible in a year and a half timeframe. The goal was to begin building an understanding of the species diversity and richness at this time in history.

UCSC Arboretum Mycoflora Project:

Specimen Database For UCSC Arboretum Mycoflora:

DNA Sequenced Specimens:

Tagged Specimens Deposited at Norris Center Fungarium:

MycoSurvey of Santa Cruz Island:

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