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I am a 23 year old arachnologist, aspiring taxonomist, and nature lover specialising in Sparassidae (Huntsman spiders) of Australia. I have always had a particular fascination in arthropods and the natural world, particularly spiders and insects (Huntsman spiders and moths currently being my favourites). I am a member of the Entomological Society of Victoria and am their spider specialist.

I currently do ID's for mainly the following taxa which I have grouped in this project:

However, I make sure all the Australian spider observations are correctly ID'd. Having said that, I also have general knowledge in all Australian spiders so feel free to tag me if you require assistance. I can try to assist with moth ID's too, so feel free to tag me for these also. I try to go out of my comfort zone and make a concealed effort and ID taxa I am not very knowledgeable in. I also like to provide broad IDs to make IDing easier for people.

I am currently working on a field guide for huntsman spiders of Australia. I am also preparing to revise isopeda alpina group as well as describe any unnamed Australian huntsmen. (I made this email when I was a kid haha)

Based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Entomological Society of Victoria:

Australian Huntsmen links:

Huntsmen of New South Wales and the ACT:

Huntsmen of the Northern Territory:

Huntsmen of Queensland:

Huntsmen of South Australia:

Huntsmen of Tasmania:

Huntsmen of Victoria:

Huntsmen of Western Australia:

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