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I've been lucky enough to grow up spending my free time outdoors both in the ocean and in the redwoods of California. I have recently moved back to New Zealand where I am enjoying learning about all of the flora and fauna.

I graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geology. After graduating, I worked for Fish and Wildlife and Pacific States Marine Fisheries as a technician researching salmon.

Previously I working as an environmental scientist with an emphasis in botanical surveys, vegetation mapping, and wetland delineations. I have received training in Army Corp wetland delineation by San Francisco State University and the Wetland Science and Coastal Training Program, training from CNPS-CDFW on vegetation rapid assessment and relevé methods, and I'm approved from US Fish and Wildlife Service’s for Point Arena mountain beaver surveys.

Other species I have surveyed for are yellow legged frog, California & northern red legged frog as well as the lotis blue butterfly and Behren's silverspot butterfly. I have also received training in Carex keying and identification through CNPS taught by CA Fish and Wildlife staff biologist Gordon Leppig. I have also received a specialization in ArcGIS through University of California Davis.

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