Fall 2021 Nature Walk (ALP)

On Wednesday, September 22, we went on our Nature Walk to Oakland Lake near our campus. We saw a singing unicyclist, a crawfish, geese, turtles, and swans. We even saw some early signs of autumn.

For this assignment, I'm taking you outside of our Blackboard discussion board to the iNaturalist app so you can share your observations and photographs with your classmates. We will go on three Nature Walks, all of which lead up to an essay you will write later on in the semester. We are starting to gather evidence for that project now.

Please respond to this prompt with:

One observation about Oakland lake as an urban greenspace. Use sensory details to describe what you saw. If you took a picture and identified with the iNaturalist app, use the scientific name of your observation.

NOTE: If you are not using your QCC email, please make sure to include your first name and last name initial in your post (ex: Marie J.).

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One observation I saw at Oakland Lake was that the lake was full of moss and you couldn't see much of the turtles. We also saw ducks and swans. As the Fall season change was already starting. (Marcela P)

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An observation I made was that the lake and land surrounding it was full of life. In the lake there were various aquatic animals including frogs, turtles, ducks, swans along with a cray fish. On the surrounding land there were various kinds of grass , trees & flowers. Something all of these things have in common is that they're all living and play a role within the environment.

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One observation that I made about the Oakland lake is that it's very peaceful, calm, and there are many types of plants and animals that are around the lake. As soon as we got to the lake, I saw this beautiful tree right near the lake that reminded me of a scene from a movie because there is a specific scene where it was also filmed on a lake with a bunch of trees that looked exactly liked the one that I saw. As we were walking around the lake, I couldn't wait to get to the tree and as soon as we got there, I took a picture of it and it is called a "weeping willow tree." I tired to include a photo but it doesn't let me. (Btw the movie that the lake and the tree reminded me of was "The Notebook".. of course) - Kimberly Valerio

Αναρτήθηκε από kimberlyv05 πάνω από 2 χρόνια πριν

One observation I saw at Oklaand lake is that there was very calm weather. I saw many types of animals including turtles, ducks, and swans. In the middle of the lake, a group of swans was swimming and finding feed for them, and the lake was full of moss. There were many big trees. A unicyclist was around us three times until we were there and I took a picture of him.

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One observation I have seen in Oakland Lake was that there are so many cute swans. Their movements in the lake were so slow and graceful that my impatient emotions had also slowed down. This big lake seems to tell me that it can accept all my pressure. I had felt full of vitality here because there were so many tall trees and beautiful plants. The gentle breeze that flowed in the air made me feel warm and calm. (Emily Hohuang)

Αναρτήθηκε από hohuang πάνω από 2 χρόνια πριν

one observation I saw at okland lake was that it is very peaceful and a calm place. I saw it looked its starting to become fall so the leaves start to change color and I saw alot of turtles, swans, ducks, crawfish. The surrounding was a bunch of bushes, moss in the lake, and grass.

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One observation I made at Oakland lake was the Wildlife interacting with each other and the way the lake sustained itself, I saw swans and geese together that were cleaning themselves and I saw the small body of water that looked like a small waterfall that naturally brings clean water into the lake. The ambience of the lake was very calming to walk around the lake.

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One observation I made at the park was the lake and the trees. The lake was filled with animals. It was very quiet at the park. And it was soothing. Theses are the observation I made at the park.

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An observation I made about Oakland Lake was that it was very very peaceful and its a place I would just go to read a book. It had a good amount of wildlife. it was very nice to just walk around the water and just being in a very calm environment.

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The observation I saw at Oakland lake was, first, it is a very peaceful place that students can go there to read a book and do their homework. I saw so many swans and geese in the water clean themselves. I also saw many types of animals around the water especially a turtle, but it was a little small that we could not see properly. At Oakland park, I saw so many people walking around, especially a happy guy who was running his bicycle and single. There was fun.

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An observation I made While I was Oakland park would have to be the amount and variety of trees around you. There were many different tress above me. I also seen a variety of animal in and out of the water. There were turtles,swans,geese and many other creatures. (NIjhae Banks)

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An observation I personally made was that there was different leaves. Oakland park, is a very peaceful place it's so relaxing to walk around and get "fresh air" I also saw turtles, swans and ducks. Also I saw many people sitting enjoying the view and taking pictures. - Yari Orellana

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