Fall 2021 Nature Walk (FN)

On Monday, September 27, we went on our Nature Walk to Oakland Lake near our campus. We saw a singing unicyclist, a crawfish, geese, turtles, and swans. We even saw some early signs of autumn.

For this assignment, I'm taking you outside of our Blackboard discussion board to the iNaturalist app so you can share your observations and photographs with your classmates. We will go on three Nature Walks, all of which lead up to an essay you will write later on in the semester. We are starting to gather evidence for that project now.

Please respond to this prompt with one observation about Oakland lake as an urban greenspace. Use sensory details to describe what you saw. If you took a picture and identified with the iNaturalist app, use the scientific name of your observation.

NOTE: If you are not using your QCC email, please make sure to include your first name and last name initial in your post (ex: Marie J.).

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Benverly francois, As we went to Oakland lake ive observed many plants and some animals that I never specifically new until i used this Inaturalist app. I discovered a porcelain berry, common jewelweed, Carolina rose, wild quinine, weeping willow and a woodland sunflower. I aslo saw turtles swans and ducks.

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During our walk through Oakland Lake, there were many plants and wildlife all around. We saw ducks, swans, and even turtles. I mainly took pictures of flowers in the walk since I was drawn to them the most. The flowers I took pictures of were identified as American Asters in white and purple and pink roses. The rest of the environment was covered in a bunch of other green plants and trees. In the lake, there was also a foam-looking substance that the ducks were around a lot. The area also had a very relaxing sense to it.

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during our nature walk in Oakland lake, it was an interesting experience because I've never been on a nature walk and I saw a lot of different plants and I saw a turtle for the first time in person and swans I've never seen them in real life either. I did take quite a few pictures of the turtles and swans and some bees many different flowers I haven't seen before. one of the flowers I found was called American asters and some weeds that make pretty flowers looking like un flowers. the scenery was nice I saw the leaves turn nice orange and brown colors showing it almost fall which is amazing because fall is a very pretty season to be in.

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During our nature walk I noticed a lot of turtles and ducks swimming around and chilling on logs above the surface of the lake. I also noticed a lot of bugs flying around the lake and the walking pathways. There were lots of slightly green trees around us waiting to change for the autumn season and there were colorful flowers protruding from the ground. I thought it was interesting that we go to go out side and walk around for english class. I've never done that before.

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During Our first nature walk in Oakland Lake, I observed many signs of life and energy like swans, ducks, and turtles. I saw many trees and plants such as an eastern redbud, scarlet oak, and ferns. It was a very warm day, the sun's glowing reflection on the water looked so naturally pleasing, even the turtles were sunbathing.

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