Spring's been harbinged

Three observations of harbinger-of-spring (Erigenia bulbosa) on the same day in late February in southern Illinois:

Photo by @karen2001

It's March 2nd and the ILBBY 2019's got:

74 observers
957 research grade observations of plants
323 species
98 identifiers

@wildlandblogger is still in the lead with 143 species, but I heard at Wild Things that he may have some additional strong competition coming up once northern Illinois starts thawing out more...

As always, please help your fellow botanists, when yr able, to identify/confirm their observations.

And keep an eye on these links for any new documentations in 2019:

Posted on Μάρτιος 02, 2019 0210 ΜΜ by bouteloua bouteloua


Oh, I fully expect someone to pass me when it thaws out a little. I have far less experience, with both ID and locations, compared to many of the other participants. Excellent recaps BTW @bouteloua !

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