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If anyone’s interested in helping to test, I’m going to start opening up a test of v2 of our API on the obs detail page. You can test any observation page by appending test=apiv2 to the url, e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/71283655?test=apiv2 7, and curators will soon see a banner at the bottom of the page with an option to make the preference for v2 stick (and to opt-out).

In theory there should be no change in functionality, but in practice there are probably still some bugs.
If you’re curious, API v2 will shift from a static response schema to one that’s more customizable, which should hopefully allow us to save everyone on bandwidth by reducing API response sizes, as well as deal with a lot of stability issues in the mobile apps, especially on older devices with limited memory.

WebScraper OpenRefine

  1. Wikidata-for-place-names-and-wikipedi
  2. HUB Every URL is built as a bridge between two points, an origin and a destination:https://hub.toolforge.org/ The separation between the origin and the destination is expressed in the URL by the ?: everything before the ? aims to identify the origin, everything after identifies the destination. A small web service playing the role of a hub between Wikidata ids, sitelinks, external ids, etc, to help people developing tools based on Wikidata or just to give URL wizards some sweet redirections
  3. https://hub.toolforge.org/
  4. https://hub.toolforge.org/

WebScraper OpenRefine

  1. https://webscraper.io/blog/data-transformation-with-Open-Refine Before
  2. https://webscraper.io/blog/OpenRefine-Introduction

analysis comes the messy work of evaluating, cleaning, and transforming data. This hands on workshop will introduce a free power tool to get the job done: OpenRefine. We will install Refine, create a project, and get oriented to the many features for exploring and transforming tabular data. Intended for: students, faculty, and staff with an interest in cleaning, transforming, and working with diverse data sources. No experience necessary.

WFD Drenthe 10 Februari 2021
10:10 Terugblik op veldseizoen 2020 en vooruitkijken naar 2021 (PDF) – Ben Hoentjen
10:30 Boerenveensche plassen (PDF) of via YouTubeHero Moorlag
11:05 (Veranderingen in) de flora op Spitsbergen (PDF) of via YouTubeChristophe Brochard

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