May 5th - Observe some flies!

Heyo, fly folk!

My goal for you all this week is to go outside and find any one fly to upload to iNat. It can be a muscoid, cecid, even a culicid. For extra points, find five (or more!).

Have fun!

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Posted on Μάιος 06, 2024 1237 ΠΜ by zdanko zdanko


ooh... challenge accepted. I've been seeing lots of flies lately. What do the extra points get us? Virtual brownies, maybe? :-)

Αναρτήθηκε από mmmiller περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

challenge accepted :)

Αναρτήθηκε από taogirl περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

Does it count if we uploaded before you posted? This one was so bright and shiny and did some nice dances for me that I processed them as HDR. If you have a monitor that can display HDR images, like an M1 Mac or a relatively new iPhone or iPad, you should be able to see the HDR images. It seems Safari doesn't support HDR yet, but Chrome and Brave do - at least in the format I uploaded here. (also uploaded to iNat, but I don't think HDR works there)
If you can't see HDR images, you get to still see the images, but they look relatively bland. HDR is really nice for shiny bugs.

I looked around on the crepe myrtle after I took video and stills of the first fly I noticed and found another one on the same plant. Looks like one is male and one is female. I wonder if they ever found each other.

Αναρτήθηκε από victorengel περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

I'll be recovering from City Nature Challenge. But I've got lots of syrphids now, and several others. I'll do my best!

Αναρτήθηκε από xris περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

No rest for the weary! Cool find, Victor :)

Αναρτήθηκε από zdanko περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

Great time for chironomids!

Αναρτήθηκε από erikamitchell περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

I found some cool midges during CNC.

Αναρτήθηκε από xris περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

Got one today.

Αναρτήθηκε από xris περίπου 1 μήνας πριν
Αναρτήθηκε από xris περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

Got my five!

Would have had a sixth but kitty got to it first.

Αναρτήθηκε από luck περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

Here are my 10 obs - I went with the CV suggestion so I don't know if the initial ID is correct. All my observations were along the Mississippi River.

Αναρτήθηκε από mmmiller περίπου 1 μήνας πριν

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