Face-off Between Bear and Amazon Delivery Man Caught on Camera in Nail-biting Footage


Original source: https://www.newsweek.com/amazon-driver-bear-face-off-video-ring-1671114

The moment an Amazon delivery driver came face-to-face with a bear has been caught on camera. In the tense footage, the delivery driver can be seen keeping his cool as the bear moves towards him.

Taken at a house in Upland, California, the footage was captured through a Ring surveillance camera installed by the homeowners.

The start of the video shows the bear prowling behind the gate of the driveway, before sneaking out of sight. Soon after, the delivery driver can be seen walking straight up to the driveway where the bear is lurking.

A motion sensor can be heard going off, alerting the homeowner through an app, who was out shopping at the time. As the driver walks up to the house, the homeowner can be heard saying: "Stop right there, there's a bear there!"

The deliver driver backs away slightly before deciding to stay where he is, as the bear peers over at him from on top of a wall and begins to move towards him.

"Go back to your car, that's fine!" the homeowner can be heard saying.

A tense few seconds show the driver contemplating what to do next, before raising his arms, making himself appear bigger to the bear.

The bear instantly backs away, and moves down from the wall, eventually running away and disappearing. The delivery driver then continues his walk up the driveway to deliver the parcel.

In a message about the encounter emailed to Newsweek, Josh, the owner of the house, said: "We love catching wildlife on the cameras. By strategic positioning around the house, we've gotten some great footage besides the bear, including a mountain lion easily jumping one of our fences, a pack of six coyotes walking through the yard.

"Getting the motion alerts is helpful to know when it is or isn't safe to go outside, especially with two young kids and a dog.

"[The driver] seemed like he knew what to do and he kept calm. We had a conversation with him through our front door camera, explaining we weren't home, so we couldn't help directly.

"My wife was watching the gate camera on her phone to ensure the bear really was still gone to give him the go ahead. We were watching his exit the whole time to ensure he safely left. We of course gave him permission to stay as long as he needed!"

Black bear attacks are rare in California, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, some may appear aggresive if they become to accustomed to people.

The bear population in the state is estimated to be between 30,000 and 40,000.

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