Video Shows Bear Cub's Epic Battle With Inflatable Reindeer in Front Yard

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By: Xander Landen, 12/11/21

Video captured in California showed a bear cub furiously attacking an inflatable reindeer that's part of a front yard Christmas display.

The video, which was posted on Facebook by a witness of the incident in Monrovia, California, showed the young bear jumping on the reindeer, at times biting it and thrashing it around in its mouth.

"Rudolph p**sed off the bears," a caption on the Facebook video read. The video was posted on Wednesday, and as of Saturday morning, it had been viewed 12,000 times.

"I looked up and there it was jumping on the reindeer," said Donna Hargett, who posted the video of the incident, told CBS Los Angeles. "I was laughing to myself out in the street."

Despite biting and pawing from the cub, the inflatable reindeer seems to remain intact by the end of the video, when the bear seems to lose interest.

Hargett said the bears often visit the neighborhood.

"We see these two around all the time," Hargett said. "They're trouble."

She added that other bears also frequent the area, and said that on one occasion, some entered her home.

"Through the window one time," Hargett told the news station.

"There were scratches on the wall and one got up on the bed. There were paw prints," she added.

On a website for the city of Monrovia, California, officials warned residents about attracting bears.

"Throughout spring and summer, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife receive many calls when bears break into homes and rummage through trash bins. These bears are often labeled 'nuisance' bears, but in reality, they are just doing what comes naturally to them—foraging for food," the website stated.

City officials added that bears have "keen noses and can smell an easy meal from miles away. They can easily tear a front door off its hinges if they smell food left out on the kitchen counter."

In February 2020, a 400-pound black bear that was taking a stroll around the city was tranquilized, the Los Angeles Times reported, noting that one resident came within feet of the animal as it walked on his lawn. Officials said the bear seemed familiar with the area as a food source.

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