Finding a Common Language

Through NatureWatch I met @palomanunezfarias who is a marine biologist from Chile who came and stayed with me for a few days and we went around home looking at different marine life. The main language of Chilie is Spanish but having worked on Rapanui (Easter Island) palomanunezfarias also knew that language as well as a bit of English.

Maori is my main language with English being the common language between us, however, the easiest way for us to communicate was to use Maori and Rapanui!

Which just goes to show you should learn Maori if you ever want to communicate with a Marine biologist from Chile who has worked on Rapanui LOL

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Posted on Μάιος 06, 2017 1155 ΜΜ by tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


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