"Seed Hub" Observation Field

I'm thinking of adding a "Seed Hub" observation field. The new field would allow seed donors to select from a list of trusted regional nature organizations (like a nature center or church). This might allow seed donors to drop off seeds at the "Seed Hub" to be picked up by propagators while maintaining the anonymity of both.

I believe that one of the things holding this concept back is that there has never been (until iNat) a way for small scale seed donors to find small scale propagators while making the exchange anonymously.

The problem is, we don't have a "trusted regional organization" offering to be a "Seed Hub". I'll think about it and figure something out.

I'm debating on whether or not to make this a closed society and invite people in or leave it open. Egalitarianism is one of my guiding principles so it'll be open while I think. To those of you who have offered me more trust than you've been completely comfortable offering me... thank you so very much.

~ Jason

Posted on Νοέμβριος 20, 2023 0205 ΠΜ by stockslager stockslager


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