Nomalonia eremophila (Hesse, 1975)

Wings with the subopaquely whitish windows obliquely across middle equally broad, confluent, continuous in a straight line, forming a conspicuous broadish oblique fascia.
White scales on abdomen above, apart from large, spot-like patches centrally on tergites 2 and 6 (or 7) arranged more transversely in conspicuous bands, the discal parts of which are broken up into small spots, especially across tergites 2-4.

Description in Hesse 1956 (Nomalonia afra):

Illustration of wing in Hull 1973:

Illustration of head in:
Hull, Frank Montgomery, Bee flies of the world: the genera of the family Bombyliidae Washington, Smithsonian Institution Press 1973
Fig 612:

Records from: Little Karoo, southern boundary of Great Karoo, Nieuveld Karoo and Namaqualand

iNat observation:

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