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Many users on iNaturalist are fantastic photographers. I'm making this journal post to inspire others users on here to pick up a camera. Since I'm curious to what others are using for wildlife photography, this journal will also act as a library to see how different camera equipment can be used to take photos.

This journal will be organized like this:
User - Camera, lenses, and equipment (if provided/used) - Observation in which the equipment was used.

@mason_s - Canon 90D, Laowa 60mm, Godox V860II Flash -

@sheilamp - Canon PowerShot SX420 IS -

@williamwisephoto - Nikon D500 (formerly D80 and D7000), Sigma 150-600mm - Most recent observations, information pulled from profile page.

@sumeriandemon - Canon EOS 60D, EF-S 60mm Macro Lens -

@amybirder - Canon EOS R5, 100-500mm Telephoto Lens - Most observation excluding those taken with a macro.

@friedsonoma - Nikon D5100, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens -

@lma82 - Nikon 7500, Nikon 80-400mm with a Nikon 1.4x teleconverter -

@shreyes - Nikon D500 with 200-500mm and a spare 105mm lens with a Altura Photo Flash. Formerly Nikon D5100, 55-300mm Lens -,

@rinaturalist - Canon EOS Rebel T7, EF 75-300mm -, borrowed camera between 3/7/23-3/27/23

tielgee (not an iNatter, but has great photos regardless) - Canon 80D, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Lens, Godox V860III Mounted Flash, Cygnustech Diffuser -

If you'd like to add on your equipment or want me to remove your name from here, please add a comment or message me. Thanks!

Posted on Ιούλιος 13, 2023 0732 ΜΜ by rinaturalist rinaturalist


I use a laowa 60mm and a Godox v860ii flash :)

Αναρτήθηκε από mason_s 10 μήνες πριν

I use a Canon EOS R5 with a 100mm-500mm telephoto lens. It seems to work out well for me and even though I have a macro lens, I tend to use the telephoto lens more as I disturb critters less and can stay further away.

Αναρτήθηκε από amypadgett 10 μήνες πριν

Hello! Thanks for adding me to this post! I currently use a Nikon D500 + 200-500mm lens and a spare 105mm lens with a Altura photo flash, creating this post is a great idea!

Αναρτήθηκε από shreyes 9 μήνες πριν

Thanks! I've altered the post, tell me if it's accurate!

Αναρτήθηκε από rinaturalist 9 μήνες πριν

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