Portable mothing kit

I use an inexpensive, small, lightweight mothing kit that fits in a 6" ziplock bag.
It has a 2m (7') string of UV LED "party" lights, a small USB battery pack, a small flashlight or headlamp, a length of string (para-cord), and 4 plastic clothes-pegs.

All I need extra at my destination is a bed-sheet (available locally) and a small forked stick (found in situ) to help hold the lights away from the sheet.
Combine with a camera (cell-phone or camera with macro-lens) and I can easily go mothing on any trip!

The lights are "USB 5V 12V UV led strip light 395-405nm 5050 30led/m Flexible UV light"
A small USB battery pack (5,200 mAh) will last 2-3 hours, or a larger (20,000 mAh) pack will last all night.

Posted on Ιούνιος 20, 2023 0938 ΜΜ by loopy30 loopy30


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