Checklist of the Protura of Florida (WIP)

Disclaimer: Not all species are necessarily added yet, still in the process of searching for species, as well as tracking down and sourcing descriptions. Also list of previous synonyms will eventually be supplied. Basically this checklist is relatively tentative.


Acerentuloides bicolor (Ewing 1924)¹
Acerentuloides americanus (Nosek & Mace Kevan 1984b)¹
Gracilentulus floridanus (Ewing 1924)¹
Filientomon barberi (Ewing 1921)¹


Eosentomon pallidum (Ewing 1921)¹
Eosentomon pusillum (Ewing 1940)¹
Eosentomon turneri (Bonet 1950)¹


  1. Szeptycki, A. (2007). Catalog of the world Protura. Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia-Series B: Invertebrata, 50(1), 1-210.
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so are you looking for the original descriptions of all the species here?

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That's the next step so I can source them better, and they're easier to find for the step after the checklist is complete which should be key making. Shouldn't be too difficult to source since so far the source I've been using is pretty extensive in terms of synonyms, I also want to double check everything and add any new species since the article was published as well.

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Oh and by the way the ¹'s are temporary, they will be replaced with the actual descriptions (the 2007 article will still be sourced). Also the links to each description will be embedded so depending on format you can also just click on "(Ewing 1924)" and you'd be brought to the page for whatever species is being mentioned.

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