Project in progress

Thank you for checking out this project, which will attempt to compile all of the lepidopteran larva observations on iNaturalist for Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, iNat does not require observations to be categorized by life stage, so many of the caterpillar photos are not easily found. I have been working on adding "larva" designations to any caterpillar observations from CR that I find. I have gone backwards from the present to June 7, 2022 and labeled all the caterpillars I have seen. I will continue to work on this, but it takes a long time!

There are already close to 6000 observations in the project but there are many more to add. My methods aren't perfect, and I'm sure I will miss some, but ultimately we should get a good look at the caterpillars that people are seeing in Costa Rica.

Posted on Ιανουάριος 04, 2023 1011 ΜΜ by craigbiegler craigbiegler


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