How to Easily Geotag Photos

A lot people like me have an older camera that doesn't have GPS tagging capabilities. I wanted to tag my photos to make my observation locations more accurate, but I didn't want to buy a new camera. I found an app for my phone that will do it, and thought others might want to know about it.

I paid $7 for this app. All you do is make sure that your camera and your phone have the same time, and then tell the app to start tracking. When you get home, transfer your photos to your computer. You will need the desktop companion to the app for the next part. Open the desktop program, which will prompt you to open the folder containing your photos. The program compares the timestamp on your photos to the GPS coordinates recorded at that same time. It will then embed GPS data into your files. Easy!

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I do the same with Lightroom and the free app Trails ( If you already have lightroom, this is the cheaper way to go. Lightroom is expensive though.

I must admit GPS is the biggest feature I miss when I upgraded to a Sony a6300 from a Sony HX400V. My next camera will have GPS. Every so often the app has crashed and it is a big pain reconstructing coordinates.

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That's cool to know! My Canon doesn't have GPS capabilities (at least not that I know of!) so I always end up putting them on Flickr and manually dragging them onto my map. It's kind of tedious, so these apps sound like something well worth checking in to.

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I use a free program called GPicSync and my handheld gps to geotag my photos. GPicSync allows you to adjust for time differences between the GPS unit and the camera. It will work with your phone gps if you can export an *.gpx file.

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