Update - more than halfway!

Wow, you have been so active! We have had a chilly spring here in the Northeast, but now I hope the spring explosion of green and living critters are coming soon. But look at all the things that have been reported from around the world.

As of right now:

24441 observations (maybe on track for a record or near-record) - record is 68914 observations from 2021, and there is a lot of time left to report more things.

4728 species (record was set in 2021 with 8844 species), get all those common and rare things around the world reported.

90 people have reported observations in 2022 (114 reported in 2021, and we have 128 people who signed up for 2022 - every observatiion counts!

Keep the cool finds rolling in! We have observations from many parts of the world, and lets celebrate our everyday biodiversity by sharing it here on iNaturalist.

Take care!

Posted on Απρίλιος 11, 2022 1146 ΜΜ by vilseskog vilseskog


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