Nature Walk, March 14, 2022

We finally got to experience some spring weather for our Nature Walk! For today's discussion, I'd like you to share your nature observations with your peers. What do you notice? What changed since our last visit? What connections can you make to something we’ve discussed this semester? What connections can you make to something you’ve experienced?

Finally, share your photos with the class by clicking this link and uploading your fabulous pictures:

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I immediately noticed the Winnebago was still parked just outside the park and the ice rescue ladders were still staged around the lake. It made me pretty happy knowing that the locals don't mess with the ladders, providing the City with the confidence to keep them staged year round. The turtles were basking, the ducks and geese had proliferated, flowers had started to bloom, more people were at the park, and some of them were fishing. It hadn't gotten substantially warmer, but life was already returning to the park. This let me know that the local wildlife and the residents who frequent this park all feel safe and gave me a feeling of warmth and vibrant energy.

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When I was at Oakland Lake I saw the wonderful ducks and other pond animals just enjoying their warm feast as we continued our way round the lake. The park was filled with joggers and some fisher who just having fun. The surprising part for me was when the ducks or goose come up from the water and feast close to us. I also notice those red ladder and other thing surrounding the pond. But the most interesting was the animals that we saw. The goose who was hiding behind the trees resting or maybe laying eggs. I saw the turtles that are just chilling on the rocks and enjoying the warm weather. This is one of the best experiences ever to see the lake in the good glory and the trees that starting to grow leaves and water streams that is filled with green moss that float on top. It was great that my class get to go out to the park and just enjoy nature in a nice day. It was fun for me and I get to explore a lot of wonderful new thing that I have not seen before.

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I enjoyed the walk at the park and once again had a nice conversation with someone. I noticed Gooses, Mallards, waterfowls and it was something to enjoy seeing that in nature. I also noticed a river pond with water flowing out which was beautiful in my honest opinion. Since the last visit in February, I believe I saw more animals and more of them in the same flock. The connections I can make to this walk in the park reminds me of our focus on nature and how it can be either a safe or non safe place for people. I remember seeing turtles in a pond as a kid and I believe I even pet them, it was something good to remember. My childhood was something I more enjoyed and felt more nostalgic for than my adulthood.

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There was a lot of new changes from the first walk we had a few weeks ago when it was still chilly outside. With spring coming there wasn't any ice in the pond or snow on the ground. The temperature was magnificent rather than having to wear a heavy jacket it was a nice day to wear just a sweat jacket or even a t shirt. A lot more people were walking around than the last visit. Trees were starting to grow leaves again, and the grass was turning green. The flowers were starting to bloom and there was more wildlife outside in the pond and on land. Swans were nesting near the pond. And there was a whole bunch of ducks near the entrance to the park. And when it goes more into the year I'm sure the park is gonna become even more beautiful to visit.

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I enjoyed this walk so much, it was such a refreshing change of pace. Turtles are one of my favorite animals and it was so amazing to finally see one in nature! You can really tell that the spring weather brought a lot of the animals out as well. I was a little scared of the squirrels though because when I was a kid, I watched an Arthur episode that really made me scared of them. I noticed there were more geese than ducks and they seemed to be living together peacefully. I enjoyed this walk so much that I took my girlfriend on a walk here a couple days later.

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