LESSER GOLDFINCH!!, Surpassing 100 species, February recap coming soon!

Hey everyone,

I know I said I would post a February recap, so I’ll get around to that this weekend if anyone wants to read it. Also, last weekend I got my 100th species this year in cook county with 3 Turkey Vultures over the highway in the Palos Area. But that was just on our way to our bigger target, a LESSER GOLDFINCH! I’m pretty positive it’s the first state record of one. In the past week, I also got a Ross’s Goose at the Valley Lo Golf Course, 150 Greater White-fronted Geese over my house, and a Wilson’s Snipe at Techny Basin. Northern Pintail and Gadwall were nice adds as well. Plus a beautiful adult Red-shouldered Hawk on our way to school. Right now I’m sitting at 103 species for my big year, and spring break is coming up fast! I’m really excited to have 2 weeks of free time, and spend much of it birding. Some of my targets are American Woodcock, Eastern Meadowlark, and Snow Goose (although that one has proved rarer than even a Ross’s this year. There have been 4 Ross’s Geese in Cook County this year, which is pretty incredible. However, the only Snow Geese have been flyovers.)

That’s all for now,


Posted on Μάρτιος 10, 2022 0401 ΜΜ by owenbirder13 owenbirder13


Nice Owen, looking forward to reading it!

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