Aims for 2016 on NatureWatch: 366 Species

Well after a few months here I am starting to get the hang of how this all works and so to make things interesting for this year I have created a project called 2016 Leap Year Project: 366 Species

Since August 2015 when I joined until now, I have racked up 588 species so I had to make the project more of a challange. The best way to do that is to remove a taxa, so I decided to remove Plants as that is my most photographed taxa, of which to date I have observed 351. So taking that away from 588 leaves me with 237 species.

Ok, so that means that it may be quite easy to get 366 in a year when I got 237 in 5 months. So to make it even harder I decided that only named species could be added and no genus, family, or class level. I am not too sure how to find out how many that will eliminate, but I know that I have quite a few observations that are only down to the genus or class level, so that should cut out quite a bit more.

Feel free to join the project if you would like a challange!

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Sounds like a great project, you probably haven't had many people joining up because the main way you find out about projects is by someone else adding them to your observations. And in this case one only adds one's own observation, so it doesn't get a snowball effect. You need to find ways of publicising it, maybe ask Jon to mahke it a featured project.
Two other things - I usually add a journal entry to my projects so as to give a place where people can leave feedback comments.(I see it has one :-) So the second thing is, the comment I would leave there would be perhaps make it trying to get 366 research grade obs of new taxa, instead of just new species. The problem with species only is it tends to limit which families you might choose as for instance you can often only get fungi down to the genus level without a microscope or DNA test.

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