Contribute to California Biodiversity “Day” in the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, September 11–13!

California Biodiversity Day is September 7, but this year (which is not exactly a normal year), events – most of them virtual – are happening from September 5 to September 13. Since the Wilderness Park is closed from September 4–10 because of excessive heat and elevated fire danger, the Friends of the Wilderness Park will be "celebrating" California Biodiversity Day 2020 in the Park from September 11–13, and we hope that all of you who can will "join" us.

As a COVID-19 precaution, group activities are currently not permitted in the Park, so the Friends will not have a tent, handouts, or helpers in the Park, like we did last year, but you are encouraged to go out and celebrate on your own or with members of your household. Just don’t forget to wear your mask and maintain social distancing. (For more information on current Park regulations, check the City website.)

All observations you make in the Park on September 11–13 (even if you post them later) will be added both to the state-wide California Biodiversity Day 2020 BioBlitz and to the Biota of the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park.

California Biodiversity Day was established in 2018 to mark the launch of the California Biodiversity Initiative. This annual event, which normally occurs on September 7, celebrates our state’s exceptional biodiversity, while also encouraging actions to protect it. September 7, 2019, was the first California Biodiversity Day, and 50 observations were made in the Wilderness Park, comprising 40 species – sixteen of which were new to our project. Let's see if we can top that this year!

I know that some project members will not be able to make observations in the Park, but I hope you'll be able to help with IDs, as well as being there in spirit!

Posted on Σάββατο 05 Σεπτέμβριος 2020 01:27:36 UTC by nvhamlett nvhamlett


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