Hunt for a Blue Tube Worm that's Not

I am sure we all know the blue tube worm Spirobranchus cariniferus but there is also the Spirobranchus taeniatus which looks exactly the same except for one distinguishing feature:
single crest running the length of the tube and the pinkish-purple bar along the base of the crest

This has only been spotted once in Rodney so can we find any more? (The obs with more info)

NOTE: The blue tube worm Spirobranchus cariniferus has a blue bar as seen in the photo below

Happy Hunting!

Posted on Ιανουάριος 03, 2019 0119 ΠΜ by tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


Ill look out for them next time I see some spirobranchus.

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Great! I have decided to take a really close look at spirobranchus the next time I see them - I would love to find the S.cariniferus

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