Finding "User made places" in iNat

Hi. It seems like a silly subject to bring up however I for the longest time could not find "places" unless I already knew the exact names.
When trying to find places, especially user made places, DO NOT go to the places page of the website. Go directly to the Explore page. On the Explore page there is an option on the map named "Places of Interest" and it constantly updates and changes when you move the map or zoom in/out. You have to constantly click on this in order to drop down a menu. On the menu are some of the Places that fall within the map area shown. This does not mean that all places are shown on the drop down menu. Many of the areas on the map have to be zoomed in close in order to show the places that are in the smaller area. If an area has a large number of places in it then zooming in is required otherwise it is very easy to miss the places. Once you find some places then moving the mouse over the name highlights it on the map. Unfortunately the drop down menu of places and the list of observations to the right tend to block most of the map and make it very difficult to see many of the places without adjusting where the map is centered. Making the map full screen also looses the option for the Places of Interest.
This is as of 8/29/2018 and the system may change so hopefully this helps someone if they happen to read this.


Posted on Αύγουστος 29, 2018 0332 ΜΜ by observer26 observer26


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