Increases in crayfish observations over the last 10 years.

Over the last 10 years on iNaturalist, the number of crayfish observations each year has been between 1.5 to 2.1 times the number observed the previous year. During the last five years, the number has been very close to 2 (1.8-2.1). Here is the breakdown of number of observations and factors for each year:

2743 2.0
1402 1.8
761 2.1
367 1.9
195 1.8
106 1.7
63 1.5
41 1.6
26 1.5
17 --

There was 161 times the number of crayfish observations during the last year than there was during a year ten years ago. I think this trend follows the same trend for iNaturalist as a whole. How long will this amazing trend continue?

Posted on Ιούλιος 02, 2018 0213 ΠΜ by dan_johnson dan_johnson


Oh; I thought that trend was just you. ;-) Seriously, though, that's great; it means that the growth isn't just more people taking pictures of their pets or the trees in their front yard, but also of the wild and cryptic critters. Just saw your how-to-photograph-crayfish post for the first time, too. If I'm ever lucky enough to catch one to photograph, I'll be sure to do it up right!

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Haha! Crayfish are becoming more and more popular!

Dan, I'm not sure if you have a standard copy-paste message to tell folks to get all the right angles, but it's super helpful as you're adding in ID's. I have used several standard copy-paste messages for many plant observations that lack flowers/fruits or don't have the correct angles.

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Dan, this is great information. There are crayfish everywhere where I live (MS Gulf Coast) but mostly they are chimney builders and I hardly ever see them. If you have good hints on how to flush or dig them out, I would definitely get some and post them.


PS so glad to see you identifying different Smilax. My favorite plant taxon!

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