Donated Phone/Camera Received 6/24/2018: New Goals

I have to admit that my camera equipment so far has been limited by the lack of geo-tagging and/or gps tags direct to the photos. A great deal of time is spent on location. As of this week I managed to receive a new camera/phone that is hopefully going to be dedicated to getting locations set in stone. Eventually observations on this listing should include a precise location tag that should allow for better everything in my opinion.
July goals will hopefully include:
Full surveys of some previous locations in order to have a location map that improves previous observations already posted.
Mass entries of some locations due to the ability to survey and have exact locations.
Full exploration of areas that don't have adequate mapping in order to produce a "site map" that all can refer to.
More detailed listings of locations now that the locations of some species can be determined. Many species and sites had to be skipped to allow for decreased mapping discrepancies. I will try to revisit these species.
The increase of photo quality to what many other observers have.
The increase of species observable and photos achieved due to greater resolution and battery life.


Posted on Ιούνιος 28, 2018 0451 ΠΜ by observer26 observer26


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