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Botanist with an interest in California-endemic plants and native communities. Interested in conservation biology and community ecology. Some knowledge of basidiomycete taxa, eager to learn more about birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

Currently interested in differentiating local (Monterey Bay Region) Arctostaphylos, Quercus, and other tricky genera (Lupinus, Eriogonum, etc).

Feel free to tag me on Plantae observations in the Monterey Bay area, or Quercus in CA.

Quick tips for what to document for plant ID

OAKS (and trees generally):

1) Please photograph the UNDERSIDE of leaves in addition to the tops! This helps a surprising amount for identifying oaks in particular (as well as many other plant species)

2) Acorns and acorn caps attached to the plant

3) Trunk texture

4) Overall habit: Branching pattern, height, canopy spread.

5) Terminal/axillary buds (can help ID oaks to section at least)

@/jeffdc wrote a nice guide relevant to East Coast Oaks, but it is broadly applicable to CA and Western Oaks as well:


1) Reveal and photograph the keel petal (hidden within the wings) to document the hairs (if any) on the upper and lower surface along the entire length.

Keel image:

2) Guide to documenting lupines in more detail (including calyx, banner spots, etc):


1) Area beneath flowers (involucre/hypanthium/calyx/sepals): this is surprisingly helpful, especially for ROSACEAE, ASTERACEAE, GROSSULARIACEAE, PAPAVERACEAE etc.etc

2) Basal and stem leaves

3) Close-up of stamens, carpels, petals

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