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Favourite taxa: Marchantiophyta

Favourite species: Aneura pinguis, Riccia, Moerckia hibernica, Pellia, Blasia pusilla, Andreaea rupestris, Crossocalyx hellerianus, Scapania, Chiloscyphus pallescens, Tritomaria, Barbilophozia, Fossombronia, Bryum klinggraefii, Crossogyna autumnalis, Liochlaena lanceolata, Nardia, Solenostoma.

I dream of finding: Moerckia hibernica, Tritomaria, Riccia (excluding R. fluitans), Scapania (S. curta, S. nemorea, S. paludicola), Barbilophozia, Fossombronia, Lophozia excisa, L. incisa, Nardia, Solenostoma, Mesoptychia badensis, M.gilmanii, Meesia, Campylopus flexuosus, Pseudocalliergon trifarium...

Independent young researcher from Belarus. Bryology (botany). I'm not a specialist or scientist. Enthusiast. I'm a student and have no such large experience, so I'll be thankful both to all who correct my mistakes and agree with right identified observations.
Languages: English, Russian, Belarusian. Understand Ukrainian and Polish.

Interesting about:
• rare species of plants: Red Book plants, also taking in consideration species from the Preventive Protection list and international protection lists (IUCN, CITES)
• sometimes lichens and fungi

My name is Aliaksei Aleksandrovich Astrelin (Алексей Александрович Астрелин), student of biological faculty of BSU, cooperating with Center of Experimental Botany.

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