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I feel that I have been a naturalist almost my whole life. My first memorable nature experience came at age 7, when my father brought home a cocoon, and it hatched into a Cecropia moth. As a child, I spent my days wandering the fields and woods near my home. I was active in Girl Scouts. My father's job meant that we moved often, so I was exposed to many different places (all east of the Mississippi River). Although my career was in computers and not in science, I continued to be an enthusiastic observer of the natural world. Now retired, my husband (bob11) and I are especially interested in wildflowers, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and weather. We lead wildflower walks at the local nature center, and we volunteer at the University of Tennessee Herbarium. We are both pilots, and I chose my INaturalist ID from the name of our motorglider, the Super Ximango.
Lynne Davis in
Seymour (Great Smoky Mountains area), Tennessee

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