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Botany & Bryology

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Some hints for adding bryophyte observations:

1.) If you don't know much about bryophytes, please do not use the INat determination automatism. Please choose "Bryophyta" or "Bryopsida". Many of the proposed species do not even occur in Europe, but are common in America, for example Entodon seductrix, Plagiomnium insigne, Dendroalsia abietina, Isothecium stoloniferum, Hypnum circinale, Sphagnum magellanicum...

2.) Please don't tag me like "@tayloria: ...?" etc. I will do my best to check all observations but sometimes it takes a while.

3.) In the case of moss photos, taking a picture from a distance usually doesn't help at all, I don't even look at such photos. Please take at least one detailed photo and a picture of the habitat. You can also give a hint where you have found the species (wood, soil, stone, riverside...).

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