Mike Leveille

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Michael Leveille (Swampy) is a science educator and an artist of prehistoric life. Educated at the University of Ottawa, he has worked at the Canadian Museum of Nature and at St-Laurent Academy School in Ottawa.

Mr. Leveille believes that experiential learning with multiple intelligences is a valuable key to instruction. When odd things are needed he creates life-sized models.

His Macoun Marsh study site and outdoor classroom is used as a center for conservation, geological, taxonomic, and meteorological studies.

Actively working with his community and tapping into local resources, Leveille brings down the walls of his classroom. To make science even more relevant, he has led field trips through Canada, Europe, USA, Central and South America.

He has learned that being an educator is not merely teaching but arousing the passion for learning. These students will inherit the burdens of our world and to be best prepared, their minds must be open, curious and courageous and not simply locked up with today’s knowledge.

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