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I'm an environmental historian and am not in the sciences. I track backyard biodiversity as a hobby and as a concerned citizen. People keep telling me to try out iNaturalist, so I'm doing it.

I use a wordpress blog as a field journal and keep track of things I observe in our yard (or sometimes nearby). I would like to eventually plug all of my observations into a relational database to show ecological relationships and changes in the landscape over time, but for now I'm starting with lots of photos and videos, the blog/field journal, and a spreadsheet which I will continue populating this winter from past field journal entries.

Blog where I stash my field notes and the occasional rant:

YouTube Channel where I dump my video footage:

Species spreadsheet I'm working on:

BugGuide Profile:

P.S. I'm not a professor of anything, though I am working on my PhD. "Professor Noodles" is a joke nickname someone gave me a long time ago.

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