Southern Appalachia

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Feel free to @ me any time for an ID or confirmation of a plant observation. I don't mind it, and I'll do my best to provide a good ID.

• 21 y/o
• amateur plant enthusiast
• ADHD, possibly autistic
• native English speaker; hablo español
• White, born and raised in the Ridge & Valley of Alabama
• Currently living in the Weisner Ridges district

• interested mostly in native vascular plants
• also interested in native ecosystems, fire ecology, reciprocal ways of living, and community
• passionate about foraging, cultivating, and learning from local plants
• kill your lawn!

• hopelessly hopeful for the future
• reparations and landback are justice
• anti-poverty, pro-union #1U
• immigrants welcome in AL!

At time of writing, all of my observations are CC0 and free to use for any purpose by anyone, but please do message me if you use my photos! I appreciate knowing about it :)

(my profile picture is a meme of Monika from DDLC. I'm not sure who the original artist is)

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