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I love wildlife and travel. My wife and I have visited all 50 states and 86 countries (based on the Travelers' Century Club Countries and Territories list). Wildlife viewing has always been secondary during our travel (primarily because my wife does not enjoy it as much as I do) until we visited Kenya and Tanzania in 2014 and I fell in love with the game drives. We went back to southern Africa in 2018 with wildlife viewing as a primary activity, visiting South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. In 2019 we visited Sri Lanka where wildlife viewing was a significant aspect of our travel there. Then Covid hit and our international travel came to a screetching halt (we flew home from Argentina via Brazil at the beginning of a trip to avoid an impending Argentine quarantine). I started going out into the desert on weekly trips and taking almost daily walks into our local canyon with my camera to keep my sanity. We turned our travel focus on the U.S., mostly in the west near our home where we could drive or take a short flight. My son introduced me to iNaturalist and suggested that I could use my travel photos as a start. Another friend suggested I try eBird, which I've spent some time on, but I like iNaturalist better because of the assist in identification it provides with other individuals reviewing my identifications (I've appreciated the helpful tips some have provided in showing why the bird I've selected is incorrect). During our recent weekend and state travel I've become more bird focused and have started incorporating national wildlife refuges into our trip planning. In the last year I've been to national wildlife refuges in Oregon, California, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and New York. I've been out to the Salton Sea about 18 times in the last year and I've fallen in love with the burrowing owls that are prevalent near the south shore, going back regularly to try to follow their cycle, particularly through the nesting season. We've also installed several bird feeders in our backyard and are enjoying the variety of birdlife that is visiting and increasing the longer we have them up.

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